Use your favourite photo to create a personalised jigsaw puzzle.
See your puzzle come to life with text and specially selected artwork using our custom design tool and see what’s in the box before you finalise your order.

What is a Classic Puzzle?

Classic Puzzles use just one photo on the whole puzzle. That might be a single photo or piece of artwork, or it can be a collage that you have already created.

 What is the Custom Design tool?

The Custom Design tool allows you to see your photo on the screen in full and create a puzzle around it. Just choose a puzzle in your preferred shape and size from the options below and click on the Design My Puzzle button. You will be taken to our Custom Design tool where you can load your image and re-size it to fit the puzzle template. You can also change the number of puzzle pieces or orientation of the puzzle to see how it looks in real time.

Can I add anything to my puzzle such as text, or artwork?

Yes, you can! Our custom design tool has text, shapes and draw functions built in so you can add them to your puzzle and edit as desired. We also provided a large range of artwork themed around special occasions to add to your puzzle. Best of all, you can see it all and re-size or position it just the way you like before going any further.

What file formats can I use?

The Custom Design tool can accept the following file types

  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .pdf

If you have a different type of file and are not sure how to convert the file please contact us as we may be able to help.

Can I Review My Puzzle before ordering to see what’s in the box?

Yes, you can! Once you have finished creating your puzzle you will have the opportunity to review the puzzle and packaging before you ‘Add to Cart’.

We have two packaging options to choose from as shown below.

 More questions? Check out the FAQ’s.

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Large A3 Rectangular Jigsaw Puzzle

420mm x 297mm
300pc | 240pc | 180pc | 120pc
60pc | 40pc | 18pc | 9pc

Large A3 Oval Jigsaw Puzzle

420mm x 296mm

Large A3 Round Jigsaw Puzzle

294mm diameter

Large A3 Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle

420mm x 226mm

Medium A4 Rectangular Jigsaw Puzzle

297mm x 210mm
120pc | 96pc | 60pc | 40pc | 18pc | 9pc

Medium A4 Oval Jigsaw Puzzle

297mm x 210mm

Medium A4 Round Jigsaw Puzzle

210mm diameter

Small A5 Rectangular Jigsaw Puzzle

210mm x 148mm
60pc | 40pc | 18pc | 9pc

Small Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

210mm x 148mm
40pc | 18pc | 9pc

Medium Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

297mm x 210mm