What do you make?

At My Picture Puzzle we individually make to order cardboard and magnetic jigsaw puzzles using photo’s and images supplied by our customers.  We use high quality gloss paper and industry standard card.  More examples of our work can be seen in the Gallery.


What payment methods are available?

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Visa and MasterCard via our secure online checkout
  • Internet Banking (your cheque or savings account) via our secure online checkout
  • PayPal  – login or checkout as a guest


Will my puzzle exactly match my photo?

We need to size your image to the size of the puzzle you purchase and we will enlarge or crop the image as required.  In most cases, cropping is straight forward as it’s just background that is cut out, but if the proposed crop cut’s across the subject of the photo, My Picture Puzzle will make contact to discuss the options before making the puzzle.

Solutions include adding a background to the puzzle so that the whole of the original photo is preserved, or changing the orientation of the puzzle to better suit the photo.  When a modification is required, we will email a snapshot of the proposed puzzle so that you can see the finished puzzle before it is made.



What size should I crop my photo to?

If you would like to crop the image yourself, here are the sizes to use:


Please allow for 2mm on all sides to be cut off as part of the puzzle making process.

This means if you have a border, make it thicker on the sides to allow for part of it to be cut away, and please don’t place important details or text hard up against the edges as they may well be cut off!

What type of file can I use and how many MB’s should it be?

Please use jpeg or pdf photo files which are at least 1 MB to ensure high quality when printing.

We use specialist software to enlarge and enhance photos and it’s very effective, however if you’re using a photo taken on a phone, and you have the option, please use the largest file size possible.

If your photo is less than 1MB we will still make the puzzle for you as we believe that you have chosen that photo for a reason.  We recognise that while it might not be a perfect photo, it still has sentimental value and that’s why you have ordered the puzzle.  Having said that, if the file is particularly small and we feel your puzzle is too compromised we will get in touch to discuss options.


What if my photo is not in jpeg or pdf format?

That’s ok.  We can open most files, but you’re welcome to email the image to sales@mypicturepuzzle.com.au before placing an order to confirm.

You can also use a website like picmonkey.com to convert it to a jpeg file.  Or you might like to try the ‘save as’ functionality on your computer.

Only a part of the photo that I loaded on my order has been displayed, will it be OK?

When you load a photo onto your order only a small thumbnail will be displayed.  This is so you can confirm that you have loaded the image you intended to use.

My Picture Puzzle will receive the full image file.  If it is sideways, or upside down that’s OK because we will turn the image the right way around when making your puzzle.

I’d like to use a puzzle to reveal a surpise, can you help me out?

Of course!   Perhaps it’s a holiday you’ve booked… or a party invitation…. or a marriage proposal.

Whatever the surprise, you don’t want to wait all day for it to be revealed so we suggest the A4 60 piece puzzle in a Personalised Puzzle Box.  It will take an adult approximately 10 minutes to complete (you’ll have your answer quickly) and it’s large enough that it will feel like a special gift.

You’re welcome to add your own text, or we can add it for you, and when we print the solution picture it will be without the text so that the secret’s not out too early.  If you opt for the Personalised Puzzle Box that includes your photo on the front of the box, that will also be just the image and no text.

We also send the all important puzzle pieces in a separate bag so that you can easily hold them back until the puzzle is almost complete, again keeping the surprise until the very end.

Just one more thing, if you plan to gift the puzzle on a particular day, you might like to consider Express Post at checkout as the delivery date is very predictable.  Normally 3 working days after the order is placed.

How long for delivery?

At My Picture Puzzle we offer two options for dispatch and delivery.

If you take advantage of our FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS within Australia, we aim to dispatch your order within 2-3 working days of receiving it. We use Australia Post and they advertise 2-6 workings days for delivery.


If you opt for Express Post at Checkout we understand you’re in a hurry and offer a complimentary NEXT WORKING DAY DISPATCH service where possible.  This means you could be holding your puzzle in just 3 days as in most cases parcels sent by Express Post are delivered the next working day.

To calculate an estimated delivery time frame for either option please check https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/               Our post code is 4129.

Further information regarding Australia Post’s Express Post service can be found at http://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/express-post-parcels.html

Can you guarantee delivery by a certain date?

Whilst the majority of orders are dispatched from My Picture Puzzle within 2-3 working days, delivery is determined by Australia Post and cannot be guaranteed by My Picture Puzzle.

If you know you must have a puzzle by a particular date, and you’ve added it all up and think it might be tight, please consider the express post service at checkout.

See How long for delivery?  for further information about our processing times and express post service.

How much is delivery?

At My Picture Puzzle we offer FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS with a delivery address in Australia.  No minimum spend, no maximum on the number of puzzles, just free delivery on all orders within Australia.

We also offer Express Post using Australia Post and the cost will be calculated at checkout.  As a guide, Express Post for one puzzle will be $10.35.

Why can’t I calculate delivery costs?

Because we offer free delivery within Australia on all orders!   Year round, no minimum spend, no maximum on the number of puzzles, just free delivery on all orders.

If you choose to add on Express Post it is calculated at Checkout, and is based upon weight, size, and distance to travel.  As a guide, 1 puzzle to anywhere in Australia is $10.35.

Will I get a Tracking ID for my order?

Personalised Puzzle Boxes are sent with Australia Post and they will email tracking details as they become available. (check junk mail if required.)
Flat Pack’s are sent as a “Priority Large Letter” with Australia Post and unfortunately Australia Post do not provide a tracking ID with that service

What if my order doesn’t arrive?

If your order doesn’t arrive as expected please let us know so that we can help to locate it.

Please click here for assistance with undelivered orders.

Can I send the puzzle overseas?

Of course! We offer international post and we can estimate the cost for you before you place your order.

I placed an order but I’ve not received any emails.

Upon placing an order you can expect to receive a confirmation email from My Picture Puzzle.  Please check the details carefully as we will be unable to make changes if we have already started to make your puzzle.

Once the order is ready for dispatch, a completion email will be sent.

Please check ‘junk mail’ for your emails if you have not received anything.