Of course!   Perhaps it’s a holiday you’ve booked… or a party invitation…. or a marriage proposal.

Whatever the surprise, you don’t want to wait all day for it to be revealed so we suggest the A4 60 piece puzzle in a Personalised Puzzle Box.  It will take an adult approximately 10 minutes to complete (you’ll have your answer quickly) and it’s large enough that it will feel like a special gift.

You’re welcome to add your own text, or we can add it for you, and when we print the solution picture it will be without the text so that the secret’s not out too early.  If you opt for the Personalised Puzzle Box that includes your photo on the front of the box, that will also be just the image and no text.

We also send the all important puzzle pieces in a separate bag so that you can easily hold them back until the puzzle is almost complete, again keeping the surprise until the very end.

Just one more thing, if you plan to gift the puzzle on a particular day, you might like to consider Express Post at checkout as the delivery date is very predictable.  Normally 3 working days after the order is placed.