Wholesale Orders

Need more than 10 puzzles all the same size, using the same image? See below for details about our Wholesale Ordering options and submit an order to receive a free personalised quote.

At My Picture Puzzle our puzzles are individually hand made to order, and coupled with our attention to detail and commitment to quality, we believe our puzzles represent great value for money. Jigsaw puzzles have an advantage over other corporate gifts and promotional products in that they are highly personal to the business and they take time and attention to complete. This means our puzzles stand out from the crowd, and consequently have a greater value to both the giver and the receiver.

Our wholesale puzzles are sold as base puzzles which includes:

  • a fully assembled cardboard jigsaw puzzle printed on high gloss material
  • a clear plastic zip lock bag
  • a colour solution picture

Additional blank packaging options are available free of logos, ready for branding as required.

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Wholesale Puzzle Size

Portrait or Landscape
29.7cm x 42cm
180pc, 240pc, or 300pc

Portrait or Landscape
21cm x 29.7cm
60pc, 96pc, or 120pc

Portrait or Landscape
15cm x 21cm
9pc, 18pc, 40pc or 60pc

Portrait or Landscape
15cm x 21cm
9pc, 18pc or 40pc

Wholesale Packaging


Blank gloss white
approx. 24cm x 16cm x 5cm


Blank gloss white
approx. 11cm x 11cm x 5cm


Blank gloss white
approx. 30cm x 21cm x 1.5cm


Blank matt white
approx. 30cm x 22cm x 1.5cm

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